Amigami at Rogers Community Auction!

Eastern Ohio is the home of many weekly flea markets and community auctions.  With great deals and virtually endless variety, you can’t find a better way to spend a summer day shopping.  And one of the (in my opinion) best is conveniently just up the river.  Rogers Community Auction, located (coincidentally enough) in Rogers, Ohio, allows the community a terrific way to buy and sell on a massive scale.  With over 1600 vendor lots plus pavilions, and even livestock auctions, you can literally find just about anything.

So what better way for Amigami to spend a super warm Friday than to set up a spot and talk to the good people of the market.  In addition to the Amigami items for sale, we also featured creations by Sneaky and Autumn, as well as vintage & antique items donated by both Rancho Chico Ranch and myself.  It was an absolutely gorgeous, albeit HOT day, and although we were located in a mere tributary of a thoroughfare, we were luckily near the bridge to the parking lot.

Many people stopped to discuss our more peculiar items (particularly Rancho Chico’s vintage infant incubator!), and by the end of the day there was a lot more empty space in the back of the truck.  Our lot neighbors were an absolute pleasure, we couldn’t have asked for better company.  And of course, we made a nice sum and were even able to purchase a few items of our own during our turns wandering the market.  Overall, it was a terrific experience, and I have every intention of returning throughout the summer (although an Independence Day hiatus is in order).  If you are in the eastern Ohio/western Pennsylvania are on a Friday this summer (maybe a layover at the Pitt Airport?) make SURE not to miss this wonderful weekly event!


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