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Pizza Express & Moose Lodge #2621

Amigami is currently hard at work on several web design projects for local businesses & organizations.  At this moment we’re developing the website graphics & formatting, and will definitely post the URLs as soon as the sites are live.

The first business is a local restaurant, Pizza Express, whom I’ve worked with before in developing a logo for their new line of frozen pizza.  Pizza Express is a great example of a successful local business, their food is terrific, and I’m so happy to be working with them.  We will be creating a new and improved storefront website, as well as a page for their frozen pizza line, Oven Sensations.

Additionally, I’ve been appointed as Webmaster for the Wheeling, WV Moose Lodge.  The Loyal Order of the Moose is an international fraternal organization, much like the Lions or Eagles, with a focus on family and community service.  Although the Wheeling Moose is a tight-knit community, they’ve decided to join the online realm in order to stay connected with other Moose lodges & chapters and let the public see all the great activities they’re involved in.

I firmly believe in the idea of local businesses & communities supporting one another, and offering my graphic & web design capabilities as a service is just one way of making that idea a reality.  If you or someone you know would like to discuss similar web design projects, please contact Amigami for a consultation.

Amigami Summer Catalog

After several sleepless nights, the Amigami Summer Catalog is now available!  This catalog features all the great products I have for sale, as well as work of local artists.  I am now in the process of sending it far & wide, a kind of guerrilla distribution.

You can have your own copy or help spread the word today!  When working with the PDF, print only the odd pages first, then flip the finished pages and print the even.  Then simply fold the pages in half & staple.

Check Out the 2010 Amigami Summer Catalog [pdf]

Ramen Noodle T-Shirt

Throughout my sickness, I have to thank the wonder food that is Ramen Noodles for being the only actual food substance I’ve been able to hold down over the last 2 weeks.  Since I was 4 years old, chicken flavored Ramen has been a staple of my West Virginian diet, and to commemorate my appreciation for the dish, I’ve designed a custom t-shirt.  Although all brands are delectable, I chose to honor Maru-Chan, as it is my all-time favorite.

Here are some tips on making microwaved Amigami-style Ramen Noodles:

  • Crunch the ramen into bite-size chunks before cooking
  • Microwave for only 2 minutes.  The noodles will be a little crunchy, but they’ll continue to absorb water as you eat.
  • After microwaving, pour out some of the water before adding the flavor packet so it’s not diluted
  • On a hot day, add an ice cube before serving (if you bury the ice cube in the noodles, it melts fast)

Check out what's for sale at Amigami's Etsy Shop!

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