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New Amigami Hat Designs – Keep Your Head Warm!

Amigami has been hard at work creating the 2011 Winter-Spring line, which includes several new hat designs to keep you warm on those cold spring mornings.

This pink & black striped hat is made of durable, machine-friendly acrylic, and features an oversized slouchy design and thick black ribbed brim.  The differing stripe widths and contrasting colors really make this beanie pop, and it is truly a wonderful addition to almost any winter wardrobe.  This hat is currently available for sale in our Etsy shop, and of course, I am always open to custom color and size requests.

This second hat made of ultra soft & warm alpaca, harvested personally from local alpacas by my partner.  This hat features black & blue stripes arranged in alternating clusters which allow the wearer’s head to breathe.  Although this specific hat has already been purchased, more will soon be available – contact me to place a custom color order.

Over 1 TON of Alpaca Fiber For Online Auction – Ends Thursday!

Local Frio Auction Service recently acquisitioned over one ton of various grades and color of alpaca fleece due to the closure of a regional fiber mill.  Over the last few weeks, my partner and I have been helping Frio Auction Service in sorting and cataloging this fleece to prepare it for auction.  Online bidding has already started, and if you would like to check out the lots or place a bid, please click here. The online auction will be complemented by a live auction taking place at 5 pm Thursday on 16th St. in downtown Wheeling.  All of the lots already have bids, and this may be the first exclusively fiber auction ever (or at least for this region), so make sure to check it out!

Diagram for Year-Round Fiber Management

Anyone who regularly peruses my site knows I am a friend to the alpaca.  To this end, I have recently been assisting my partner (a true alpaca guru) in developing a series of lectures & workshops dedicated to improving the consistency of the spring fiber harvest.  While he’s been busy formulating the actual concepts, I’ve been charged with designing a series of teaching aids to clarify his major points.

This diagram is meant to be used as a sort of calendar of farm management, while taking into consideration all the major components of producing & selling the highest quality fiber possible.  Although it may seem a bit complex at first glance, the diagram’s basic emphasis is centered on completing the various management components bit by bit throughout the year (rather than everything within a few days).

"Fiber Cultivation & Organization" at the 2010 WV Fiber Festival

Ramon first debuted his lecture last month at the 1st Annual West Virginia “Wild ‘n’ Wooly” Fiber Festival (which by the way was a WONDERFUL event – thank you David, Judy & all the others who worked so hard to make this event a success!)  and we hope to continue this series at festivals and alpaca shows throughout the region.  Additionally, we hope to have videos of the seminars online in the near future, but for now, if you’d like more information on alpaca farm & fiber management, please contact my partner Ramon at

Amigami Introduces the Mage Hood!

As the winter chill begins to creep in around us, my thoughts have been increasingly focused on creating a line of warm outdoor wear.  This is especially true since we have recently obtained a fairly sizable array of luxurious alpaca yarn.

This hood is the first of my proto-types.  I’ve often felt myself wishing the hoods on my jackets were larger and more voluminous, and this crocheted hood definitely towers above the rest.  It was made using a whopping half pound of violet acrylic worsted yarn.  I wanted to work in acrylic for the first of the hoods, so as not to squander any alpaca on unknown territory.  The structure of the hood has foundation in this precious Russian baby hatIn the Mage Hood however, the hood’s point is greatly enlarged & tapered, and the shoulders are tailored to lay flat against the wearer.  Additionally, the front of the hood was folded inwards & attached, allowing for  a thick plush brim which adds definition to the piece.

To take this hood to the next level, I’ve relinquished it to my partner Ramon, who is currently felting the garment with alpaca fiber.  It’s looking Amazing, and I can’t wait to post pictures once it’s completed.  He is also carving antler toggles to secure the hood, which I think will be the perfect accent for the violet & natural colors.  So keep watching for more pics and more hoods in my Etsy shop soon!

National Alpaca Farm Days

The last week of September is celebrated by alpaca ranches nationwide as a time to open to the community and share their love of the animals.  This was Amigami’s second time observing the event, and this time not as a vendor but as a hetman (which is shearing speak for ‘assistant’).  We travelled to Lippencott Alpaca Farm outside of Waynesburg, PA, and were welcomed with open arms by Phil & Lena (the owners) as well as their whole family.  The set-up was spectacular, with a wide array of vendors, and a U-shaped pen which allowed visitors to walk ‘among’ the alpacas. Grandpa even gave hay rides, all weekend long!  Hundreds came to see the alpacas – it really was an event for the whole town.

Phil & Lena’s farm had 6 cria (baby alpaca) which needed their baby fleece shorn, so we agreed to come for the weekend and do the shearing as public demonstrations.  We experimented throughout the weekend with video taping these shearings.  We have one posted on YouTube, and we hope to have more in the near future (particularly once the spring shearing season gets under way).

In addition to working with the cria, we also had time to enjoy the event and the vendors who came to share their crafts.  There were spinners, a local fused glass artist, and even a local winery.  Everyone was so pleasant, and I especially want to thank Ms. Mary Briggs for taking the time to share her knitting prowess with my partner, Ramon.  He is currently hard at work on his first scarf, and he was even able to pass on her knowledge to me – now even I can knit (kind of…)  For my first project I made this cute little wallet pouch by simply knitting a rectangle, then folding it and crocheting up the sides and around the top flap.

Again, I can’t thank the Galing family enough for the incredible hospitality they showed us, as well as every visitor.  The setting was immaculate, and we couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable Farm Days weekend.  We will definitely be returning to Lippencott Alpacas next September!  And if you’re ever near the Waynesburg, PA area, you should definitely try to visit too!

Autumn 2010 at Amigami

Autumn is arriving and it’s time to get back into the swing of things!  Over the last month or so, we’ve been quite busy here at Amigami, and I’d love to catch you up!

We went on vacation to the beaches of South Carolina, as well as Atlanta.  The warm summer sun and southern hospitality was just what the doctor ordered, and everyone had a blast.  Thank you to my family, as well as to Miles & Julie, for opening your homes and making time for our visit.

Since our return, we’ve been busy working on several projects here, which will be posted separately.  Fall also marks the beginning of cria (baby alpaca) shearing, and we’ve been travelling lately to help with seminars & the shearing process.  Between alpacas, art projects, and the websites I’m developing, Amigami never rests!

Local News Visits Rancho Chico Alpacas

After all of the attention the alpaca ambassadors received at the Wheeling Moose Steak Fry, local news station WTRF visited Rancho Chico to do a story on the whole ranch!  Newswoman Leigh Ann Towne was fascinated by the alpacas at the steak fry, and was overjoyed by the idea of covering the ranch in her Everybody Has a Story segment on the nightly news.  I’m glad to have helped set up this interview, and I hope everyone involved had a fun time during filming (despite the heat).

To watch the WTRF news segment and read the article, Click Here!

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