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Calling Alpaca Ranchers! (and all pet owners)

Hair Mat for Oil SpillBy now we’ve all heard about the Gulf oil spills.  Groups are springing up around the Gulf Coast region to aid in the clean-up process, but they need our help!  You may not realize, a pre-eminent method of oil spill clean-up involves the use of mats and booms made from the naturally discarded fur and hair of both animals and people.  The national organization Matter of Trust is facilitating the donation process; linking willing donors with area groups so that aid can be sent as efficiently and expediently as possible.

Alpacas Want to Help!Coincidentally, it is also shearing season for many alpaca ranchers throughout the country.  Although all hair and fur is being accepted for the clean-up process, alpaca fiber, with its density and texture, is exceptional for the task at hand.  As a ranch owner, if you have any amount of spare fiber which you are willing to part with, please follow the instructions below, and thank you for your contribution.

If you would like to donate debris-free fiber (or nylons for making booms), please send via USPS, FedEx or UPS to:

Hair For Oil Spill Booms
508 Mountain Dr
Destin  FL 24541

Please Mark the box “DEBRIS-FREE FUR” ( or “HAIR”).  Nylons can ship in the same box if packed in a separate bag.

PLEASE NOTE This is a temporary donation spot!  Any donations should be sent out no later than Tuesday, May 18th.  There may be other locations in the near future which needs donations depending which way the spill moves.

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