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Tremendous Tribal Turquoise Jewelry Set

This was my very first attempt at beading my own jewelry in November 2009, and frankly, it’s still one of my favorites.  The blue chips and spears, the orange, even the stark white nuggets st the clasp of the necklace, are all variants of the mineral Turquoise.  The term itself “turquoise” is a misnomer – it has been inaccurately associated with the rich aqua coloration of the stone, when in reality the mineral turquoise is defined by the rich texture and marbling resulting from the crystallization of copper-rich solutions.

The chips and spears of the necklace were mined from Kingman, Arizona, which is considered to have some of the highest-grade blue turquoise worldwide.  Interspersed between are rounds of tribal brass bordered by rare Asian Orange Turquoise, which I find absolutely captivating.  Adding flare to the rear of the necklace are two generous nuggets of alabaster turquoise, a spiral toggle and a brass chain clasp accented by blue and orange turquoise rounds.

The matching bracelet also features alternating rounds of tribal brass, orange, and blue turquoise, in a slightly off-centered pattern which makes the eye dance.  Containing an astounding sixty rounds of turquoise and sectioned by bars made from vintage pot metal, the bracelet has a structure and durability which gives a true feeling of luxury.  This matching jewelry set looks magnificent under the summer sun.

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