2011 Stone Jewelry Collection

With the start of the New Year, Amigami has been hard at work developing a youthful yet elegant line of genuine stone beaded jewelry. Made from semi-precious stones the world over, these gorgeous pieces . . . [Read More]


Tribal Turquoise Set

[Blog Excerpt]  This was my very first attempt at beading my own jewelry in November 2009, and frankly, it’s still one of my favorites.  The blue chips and spears, the orange, even the stark white nuggets st the clasp of the necklace, are all variants of the mineral Turquoise . . . Read More

Beaded Stone Jewelry – Holidays 2009

This is a collection of jewelry I designed this past holiday season as gifts for friends & family.  Constructed using only the finest quality metal and stone, these pieces were designed not only with aesthetic appeal in mind, but also the stones’ supposed metaphysical properties.  This first necklace showcases a crescendo of alternating spheres, in shades of dusty yellow . . . Read More.

Chinese Zodiac Stone Jewelry

This colorful jewelry collection is inspired by the lore and symbolism of the Chinese zodiac.  Strung with care using genuine semiprecious stones, special consideration was given to individual colors of the stones as well as to their metaphysical attributes . . . Read More.

Seed Bead Geometric Choker

This 1″ thick seed bead choker is inspired by the tribal designs of the African savannas, and features a focal zig zag design on an alternating red and orange palette.  Made on a beading loom, this symmetrically perfect necklace is slimming on the neck and is a dynamic splash of color.

This gallery site is currently under serious construction.  Please check back soon for more from the Amigami Showcase!

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