Titanium Sonobe Buckyball

Buckyball from Red-Orange side

This is a custom work made for The Desert Beckons, a local rock and jewelry shop.  It was made through hand-painting gold and silver card stock with a metallic rainbow splatter pattern.  I then cut the painted card stock into 270 four inch squares, which were then folded using . . . Read More

Fuse Crater Ball

[Blog Excerpt]  his is my first attempt at a Fuse assembly, an icosahedron made using Fuse’s classic 30 degree module.  It was completed using 30 four inch squares of heavyweight card stock, and measures about 4.5 inches in diameter.  I love the geometric designs and “craters” the modules form as they are assembled. . . Read More.

Rock ‘n Roll — igami

These dynamic works of  modular origami cube are dedicated to the energy and passion rock and metal.  They are constructed from the pages of CD booklets, ranging from Pink Floyd to Korn to Modest Mouse.  The paper from CD booklets is perfect for modular origami, and can be used to make a multitude of shapes . . . Read More

Brocade Rose Cubes

[Blog Excerpt]  This beautiful design has an eye-pleasing geometry which makes it look great with any color scheme.  I originally learned the module for making these brocades from The Origami Handbook, by Rick Beech (2002). A variant of the traditional Sonobe module, this figure is actually a simple 6-piece cube, which is given its rounded . . . Read More

Nautical Star Sonobe

Nautical Star Sonobe Variation

This design is fromthe book which first introduced me to modular origami, The Origami Handbook, by Rick Beech (2002).  The individual units are actually an alteration of traditional Sonobe modules, with pockets and tabs which join on the structure’s interior.  Made from 30 pieces of 4 inch card stock, this icosahedron is one of my favorite designs.

Lex’s Sonobe Icosahedron

This is a simple yet elegant variant of the sonobe icosahedron, which I made for my dear friend and former roommate Lex in the summer of 2009.  The rich pattern is achieved through simply using 2-sided card stock, and adding an extra fold in the sonobe modules to reveal the reverse face.

Please check back soon  & often for more of the Amigami Showcase!

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1 Response to “Origami Gallery”

  1. 1 Lex August 4, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    I still love my Sonobe Icosahedron! It hangs from my ceiling and brings me good luck!

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