Stuffed Mushroom Pouches

[Blog Excerpt]  Made with machine-washable, kid-friendly acrylic yarn, and stuffed with soft polyester filling, these cute little pouches are a great way to fashionably carry and protect your belongings. Standing between 4-5 inches high, each mushroom features  . . . Read More

Crochet Beanies & Caps (Alpaca and Acrylic)

[Blog Excerpt]  Constructed from acrylic yarn, the hat’s scalloped pattern is made by chaining gaps in the design which are then worked over with a double crochet technique to make the “fan” appearance.  These hats are extremely versatile and would look great with any color scheme . . . Read More

Custom Piggy Pouch

[Blog Excerpt]  Made using the spiraling Amigurumi crochet technique, this super soft piggy is made from Lion Brand Baby yarn, and measures about 8″ x 5″.  The ears, feet, and snout were crocheted separately and attached during the construction process, along with the black button eyes . . . Read More.

Hip Pouch Phone Cases

These petite pouches are a great hands-free way to carry and store your belongings.  Crocheted from machine-friendly acrylic yarn, these 4 x 1 x 1 inch stretchy pouches feature a built-in loop on their back which fits most belts, so you can securely keep your phone or camera  within hassle-free reach (click image for more pictures, including loop)

“Sparky in the Appalachians” Needlework

Sparky in the Appalachians

I completed this intricate piece of needlework in May 2007, as a Mother’s Day present.  I began this project in September of the previous year and worked on it 4-6 hours daily.  This work is an adaptation of the pattern . . . Read More

This gallery site is currently under serious construction.  Please check back soon for more from the Amigami Showcase!

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